MENES Foundation

The MENES Foundation's mission is:

Support for people with disabilities in the social,healthth and financial fields to achieve their full social participation.

Support for creating conditions for starting a business and promoting entrepreneurship, especially in relation to entrepreneurship among young people and students.

Support for the development of craft education, particulary in the field of arts.

To seek out and promote young sports talents from different sports and support universally their development.

Support and organization of educational, cultural and sport activities.

Development of science and art (especially support for an individual program).

Development and support of education, creation of scholarship programs.

Providing assistance to those who are dependent or not self-reliant due to their unfavorable life situation.

Support of educational activities, support of children and youth activities.

Support of local culture projects, provision of social assistance, support of exhibitions, concerts and other social events.

Reducing social poverty in the region, based on the development work of the local community.

Support for civic and volunteer groups actively contributing to solve the problems and challenges at local, regional and international level.

Encouraging innovation, non-traditional and alternative approaches and solutions.

Empowering NGOs, civil and non - governmental organizations volunteer groups, their development and networking.

Promoting cross - border cooperation, exchange of experience and good solutions and development aid abroad.

Cooperation with legal and physical entity so that the fundation's activities aimed at helping entrepreneuship can be fulfilled.

Support of growth, development and expansion of Slovak business in order to support employment and economic growth of the Slovak Republic in border regions of Hungary.

Support of business projects and support of people interested in business.